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Media/Event Planning Service (234) 7054505633 (main number) (234) 7054505633 (Whatsapp number) Email: info@tjconnectng.com Email: tjconnectng@gmail.com

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Tjconnectng.com Tjconnectng.com. We are media organization created with the aim of providing you with the latest information around the globe. Also our goal is to connect people together, who are we connecting? People who have EVENTS and those that will make the event a success without leaving your home. At Tjconnectng, we are actually your messenger, and deliver your services to you. You have an EVENT, then you must needs lots of services, a caterer, decorator, make-up artist, photographer, videographer, musicians to perform, a perfect event Centre that suits your taste among others. You do not have to worry all you need is get hold of your mobile phone tell us where you are located what you want and how you want it, we are going to do all the run around work for you and definitely get you all what you need, do not bother about our charges they are AFFORDABLES. Our goal is to touch every part of Nigeria but for a start our services are going to be limited to Lagos only for now. We are working on getting partnership from various states and we are going to incorporate those states. Tjconnectng is going to be feeding you with all the gist around Nigeria, all you need is your mobile phone and internet connections to access us, we will also bring you  interviews of DJ’S, Comedians, Musicians, entrepreneurs and so lots. We will also raise discussions on some occasions and your comments and feedback are so important to us. We are going to keep this blog alive together, we are going to make it work out. I think this bog is going to be superb Thanks for reading…

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