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Daddy Freeze Enlightens Nathaniel Bassey over pastor’s failed marriage


Recall that pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s daughter gets married, which has spark controversy that made Daddy Freeze comes for the gospel artist who made a comment on the pastor’s failed marriage.

The gospel artist had made remarks concerning the absence of the Christ Embassy founder’s ex wife at their daughter’s wedding which took place on, October 6, 2018.

It all started with Bassey’s response to someone asking about the Pastor’s former wife, Anita Oyakhilome who was not at the wedding.

The popular gospel artist responded with a positive comment, revealing how he had prayed for the marriage to be restored, adding that he is still waiting on God for a miracle.

Praying to God to fix broken marriage didn’t go well with Daddy Freeze who criticized the act. See below:

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Dear Nathaniel Bassey, Please do not take my words as insults, that’s not my intention. – But it seems you don’t understand what Christianity means. It’s not your fault though, when perhaps all your life you listened to pulpit lies from deluded people who renamed their village shrines and traditions ‘Christianity’, how will you have proper understanding? – The Jesus that you are praying to, why didn’t he heal the marriage of the Samaritan woman at the well in John chapter 4? – Let’s examine this critically o…. Oyahkhilome’s first marriage failed and you are praying to Jesus, the Samaritan woman was on her sixth man, after FIVE FAILED MARRIAGES and JESUS NEVER TOLD HER TO FIX HER MARRIAGE O! – We all have copies of the Bible, so if you have any contrasting views, kindly show me biblical evidence of where Jesus told her to go fix her marriage or prayed for her dead marriage to work! – Jesus NEVER condemned her or prayed for her to go back to her first marriage, HE OFFERED HER LIVING WATER! – This world will be better off if we stopped all this pretentiousness and started offering people living water like Jesus did, instead of praying for people who are probably better off without each other, to come back together IN SUFFERING again. – Do you know how many people have had their lives destroyed because they were forced to remain in, or return to dead marriages by pastors? Murder, suicide and depression are some of the many consequences. – If Jesus did not pray for a Samaritan woman’s marriage to be healed, despite meeting her in person, one on one, let’s stop dragging him into Nigerian marriage issues and focus on the message of salvation which most of you have almost totally ignored. – Do have yourself a blessed day, once again I meant no harm, it’s just that the Christianity practiced today is more than 99% lies, thus making it impossible for us to revert to the truth and spirit Christ spoke about, unless we are willing to unlearn and relearn, thereby destroying the delusions first! ~FRZ – #FreeTheSheeple

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