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Depressed people are not weak minded, they’re sick- Twitter user laments over brother’s death


A Twitter user whose brother recently died of depression, has stated that depressed people are not weak minded but sick.

According to Twitter user, they tried their best to help her brother who had goals he was constantly reaching. She wrote on the platform:

My brother died from depression. He also frequently exercised, had supportive friends/family, was successful in school & in work. He had goals that he was constantly reaching- he still killed himself. People who are depressed are not weak minded- they are sick. Understand this.

For those of you asking, Chris passed away 6 months ago as of this week. We were very aware of his fight with depression & tried our best to do what we could. We miss him everyday… And for anyone who needs an ear to listen my DM’s are open.

You think it takes more courage to go to therapy than to kill yourself? Imagine fighting innate human urge to stay alive to end your life. My brother went to therapy, he took meds, he sought help. To turn to death takes courage. I can’t even imagine how terrifying it is to do so

I am in shock by all of the support and love I’m receiving about my brother. As sad as it is, it’s comforting to not feel so alone in this situation. My dm’s are flooded atm, but I’m trying to reply to y’all. Just might take me a little time

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