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Elections postponement; INEC has been politicized, Political analyst says


As the Independent National Electoral Commission led by Mahmood Yakubu postponed the general elections earlier scheduled to hold today, February 16 2019, reactions has continue to trail this decision.

Nigeria democracy is under threat because the institution that is supposed to be for people and representing people’s civic right has been politicized, these were words of a political analyst Olanihun Zechariah when speaking with NEWSCASTARS.COM in an interview.

MR Zechariah further said: “There is no doubt that INEC as an independent institution that is supposed to defend democracy have just shown to us that they want to become enemy of based on the postponement of the elections, this has just shown to us that they’re incompetent and too weak as an institution embedded with election activities.”

Adding that” How would INEC that fixed the date for the election be telling Nigerian few hours to polls that it has been postponed because of their unjustified excuses . All eyes is now on INEC and I hope that they will not fail common Nigeria in discharging their responsibilities as expected and guided by electoral act and the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria”.

Mr. Zechariah who doubled as a man of God further went spiritual in his view on the 2019 general elections saying:

“2019 presidential election of the Federal republic of Nigeria is already spiritually based as it is spiritually monitored by spiritual order therefore I urged you INEC to fear God above man in this election don’t let your institution be use to curse war in Nigeria always remember you are an independent institution”.

“If INEC fails his responsibility then they should be expecting the God’s judgement and the common Man will vent out their anger if this election is not free, fear and credible”

“It is high time for the people of God to rise and spiritually determine who rule us between the two key parties in Nigeria .God is aware of this year election, the voice of His people’s in prayer sacrifice we determine the faith of Nigeria future now”. he added .

He however, “urge INEC to allow Nigeria as a Democratic nation to carry out his constituted Democratic right in choosing his leader . INEC! be careful don’t politicized 2019 Election”.


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