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Muslim Festival looming, Hike in transport fare


As the Muslim festival Eid-el-Kabir popularly known as (BIG SALAH), which is a period where capable Muslims perform the annual rites killing Ram as being ordained in their book of worship gets closer lots of activities have began to sprang up.

Well, it is also a period where they would want to visit their family to celebrate with them as most have migrated to commercial city to search for means on living.

LAGOS, one of the state where people of diverse ethnics and religion resides also feels the heat of this period as they are hike in prices of things, ranging from food items to transportation.

TJCONNENG.COM reporter was at Iyana Ipaja this morning to take a look at things and as usual, the market is alive as various selling activities goes on, but one of the noticeable thing in the area was the HIKE in TRANSPORT FARE, commercial drivers have doubled the amount of the fare for travelers leaving Lagos as those with loads are heavily charged or rejected.

Speaking with a driver who spoke based on anonymity said they is no hike in fuel price but the roads are blocked due to a heavy tanker which fell close to Mowe Ibafo which has left the road at a standstill.

Well, apart from such reason it is normal practice of motorist to over increase the prices of transport fare during any festival without any reason.

Its festival period, drivers should drive safely and realize that life is more precious that the sudden money some drivers may want to make in the few days of the festival period.

It is not a crime to work in Lagos and decide to visit your family but the hike in transport fare has left many stranded in various part of the commercial cities, Transport Union leaders are not helping the issue as they are also adamant to collect excess money and are key players in ensuring the fare is not favorably to passengers.

It is important that we should treat festival period like normal day, let’s make life easy for one another, let the CHANGE begin with you and together we can build a better environment.

Have a fun filled SALAH celebration from all of us at TJCONNECTNG.COM


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