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This piece will motivate single women never to give up


A Nigerian lawyer, identified as First Baba Isa is upset with men shaming women for being single after they have used and dumped them.

Read his post below:

“YOU ARE GETTING OLD O… YOU WILL REMAIN IN YOUR FATHER’S HOUSE.”I find it very disgusting when I see young men going around making jokes, trolling ladies and trying to make them feel guilty for being single. Many of these dudes have even perfected this art into a manipulative tool.Small thing, “you are getting old o, you will remain in your father’s house” or “that is how they will do and remain in their father’s house”. Abegi!You toast girl she no gree, then you go, “that is how you will do and remain in your father’s house”. If she doesn’t reply your chats or texts, if she doesn’t pick your calls, if she refuseto visit you, if she refuse to send you nudes, if she refuse to take your rudeness; “leave that girl, she will remain in her father’s house… bla bla bla.”Uncle, you are you married? Are all your sisters married? All the girls that accepted your toasting, sent you nudes, washed your smelling boxers, pound yam for you and gave you snake-in-the-monkey-shadow style on bed, which one did you marry?Is her father’s house a prison? Leave her to remain there na. Abi is her father complaining to you?Anyway, grand commander and identifier of girls who will remain in their fathers’ house, we greet you. I just pray that ladies grow more confidence to shove this rubbish down the throats of men.


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