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Sowore Omoyele of AAC participated in BIG DEBATE


In this one organised by BON and NEDG, he was rigged out after he emerged 3rd in the poll they organised.
But, we must not be deterred, Sowore Omoyele will be on NTA international on Wednesday.

You should have known when we agitated for No,Sowore,No Debate…
BON and NEDG who organized last night Debate rigged him out because it is alleged that Sowore Omoyele and JOHN MOMOH, the owner of Channels TV had issues way back which momoh carried over now that Sowore Omoyele is contesting…

By merit, Sowore Omoyele defeated Oby Ezekwesili, Fela and Moghalu Kinhaley in the Presidential poll BON and NEDG organised which was the criteria for choosing the five parties to take part in the debate.

Sowore Omoyele came 3rd, after Buhari and Atiku should came first and second. But, do you know that Sowore Omoyele become the most tweeted name on twitter after the #BIGDEBATE on corruption & accountability.

Sowore Omoyele represents voice of the streets… They want to silence us, but, we must not allow ourselves to be silenced..A finger against Sowore Omoyele is a finger against us all…

To prove that Sowore Omoyele qualified to be part of the Presidential debate, he is among the 5 candidates summoned by NTA to be granted interview alongside ATIKU and Buhari and 2 others.

The main reason Sowore Omoyele was not included in yesterday’s debate was because, John Mohmo, the CEO of Channels TV & alao the chairman of BON, whose the major person in #BON and #NEDG and Omoyele Sowore had past friction (scores).

John MOMOH has a corruption related cases which Sowore Omoyele blew up against him that disqualified Momoh from becoming the President of UNILAG ALUMNI ASSOCIATION for a long time.
So, now sowore Omoyele is contesting, John, brought it over…

Denying sowore Omoyele the publicity he deserves.

NEDG and BON organised a poll stating that they will choose the first five parties for the debate, BUHARI came first, Atiku came second, Sowore Omoyele came 3rd, others follows, but, John Mohmo had to rig sowore Omoyele out…

MUSTWATCH: Enough is Enough.. We have to keep mentioning the names of our corrupt leaders who have destroyed our country!!
Say No To Bad Leadership.
Say No to Bad Leaders.
Say No To Corrupt Leaders.
Say No To Corruption.
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