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Thai man stabbed to death by his wife


A Thai man reportedly died after he was stabbed by his wife during a quarrel last night, the man who works as an assistant at Thai restaurant in Gat Lebuh Chulia was stabbed to death by his wife.

Timur Laut district police chief Supt V.Saravanan said in the 10pm incident, the 36-year-old man died at the restaurant due to a stab wound in the left of his chest.

The police said:

“Initial investigations show  both of them worked at the restaurant and a quarrel broke out believed to be due to money issues.

“During the quarrel, the wife went into the kitchen of the restaurant to get a knife and subsequently stabbed him and the wound was fatal,”

Police had since detained the wife, aged 38,  to facilitate investigations and also recovered the weapon as the victim’s body was sent to the Penang Hospital


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