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Welcome once again to another new attention-grabbing “Top Best Quote of the Week” courtesy TJCONNECTNG. This week’s quote will surely interest all and sundry. It is pertinent to express from outset that team TJCONNECTNG wishes to express great gratitude to all its readers and most importantly to the readers of this section TJCONNECTNG TOP BEST QUOTE OF THE WEEK.

Before I go into the meat of this week’s quote of the week, permit me to provide some background to the word called Planning. Planning is a method of doing something that is worked out in advance. Simply also put as something that someone intends or has arranged to do ahead of a given task. Planning is a tool needed day in day out in order to also achieve desired goals and objectives.

However for every given mission to reach desired purpose, more of actions are indeed needed most. Some even refer planning as an instrument of more “action less noise”. Not only to just carry out the given task works good but rather also safeguarding that the task is well executed is the best. Obviously, in order to make sure that each plan is given its accorded portion of good execution, planning tools should be greatly put into use.

To be frank, neither the wise nor the unintelligent can work without the tool named planning. Indeed, planning gives an insight of what lies ahead and makes one to be updated as the task progresses. Difficult tasks may be seen as a mountain to climb from outset, but with the aid of planning tool, the task will be well executed.

More importantly, a vital point to consider before planning is that one must get statistics rightly to avoid a failed plan or even execution. Since prevention is better than cure, statistics should serve as an apparatus of preventing failure. Interestingly to say, whenever there is a joint work to do in a group, it is advisable that everyone should converge in order to plan ahead of a task. This coming together is not only for the purpose of division of labour but also to avoid failure and guarantee great execution.

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