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Top Best Quote of the Week


It is another enthralling version of “Top Best Quote of the Week” from the string of TJCONNECTNG which will surely inspire us all. This segment has undeniably being a source of inspiration for many and this week’s “Top Best Quote of the Week” is no less a motivational piece.

Every now and then, active involvement in an activity or exposure to events over a period of time serves as a frontrunner to increase knowledge and skills. Experience does count as a trailblazer which aids in dealing with herculean tasks. Over the course of learning a particular form of interest, it is natural that the apprentice will encounter different kinds of stumbling blocks before becoming an expert in that particular field of interest. Conversely, when the expertise mode is now being generated, challenges already faced in the past will now look like an easy puzzle which breeds proficiency.

As a general rule, an incorrect or unfortunate act of decision caused by lack of information made in the past usually paves way for future correct decisions to be made now. It should be borne in mind that diverse tasks have their own unique form of mistakes to be learned from in order to take accurate judgment. Learning from past errors surely do make upcoming decisions trouble free. Knowledge or skills acquired over the course of these processes should be pass to new generation partaking in the same line of activity. This transition will assure new people not to fall into the same trap which previous generation had fallen into.

By and large, it is imperative to state here that all the tests faced should not deter one from improving on the job since challenges are also part and parsu of learning process. Hindrances will always at any time want to dread one’s ability to progress on the job. This is one of the reasons why we should all be bold to develop strong mental attitude before starting a job and after starting a job.




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