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Welcome to this week’s Top Best Quote of the Week by TJCONNECTNG which will be a mode of reminder from the perspective of good manners.

Right from time immemorial, it is most practice around the world to extend greetings to fellow beings as a form of cordial and often conventional expression. Friendly gestures which also serve as mode of welcoming and addressing someone can go a long way in preserving relationships among a larger meeting of people.

More often than not, individuals who are just gathering for the first time will surely need to show good impression of themselves in form of good manners. The impression given now may stand as bedrock for a promising relationship. This is one of the reasons why we all need to imbibe the nature of good impression.

Since first impression lasts long, we all need to make good manners as second nature. In other words, good manners is just a form of necessary things to be put in place in ones collection of character as a being, in order to reach the peak of success. In addition, it is imperative to state here-in that courtesy doesn’t cost a dime and even ensures bond last long.

More interestingly, in a situation where camaraderie (relationship) is heading for disrupt, simple glimpse of kind gestures can save the day. Likewise, an iota of I don’t care attitude can mar relationship which has been built for donkey years. Hence, it is more advisable to always ensure that all steps taken towards keeping companionship is well calculated.

It is a well-known fact that inculcating good courtesy might not be an easy ride to imbibe into ones nature rather it is worth the time. Hence, there is no hard and fast true to instill high-quality reputation. What one just need is to make sure that we show respect to others, since respect is reciprocal.

Below is this week’s quote:



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