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Top Best Quote of the Week


Top Best Quote of the Week from the group of TJCONNECTNG.COM for this week serves as a form of spur of for us all. The fact that one is currently facing a thorny time tends to only be for ephemeral period of time and confidently success is around the corner.

Everyone has a chance of making it in life which may differ from time to time. This may sound awkward to people who strongly believe it is not possible. Truly, how things stand in within a group of people, one may try to accept as true to foresee reasons why someone who is not in the same caliber in terms of level or understanding will at no time be at a superior position in the future rather this notion is not true since everyone has his or her own time to shine exceptionally.

Verily, every Tom, Dick and Harry will get their own taste of good fortunes as time goes on. From past era and incidence, it is crystal clear that if I am lucky today your turn will surely come later on. For this reason there is no need to get angry just because your time hasn’t come yet. Additionally one shouldn’t be boastful, for tomorrow our positions may be reversed.

Furthermore, all what is strongly expected from us all at this juncture is to keep courage in oneself and channel all energy into what is worth doing. Since what is worth doing at all is worth doing well. For sure time will bring success cum opulence when there is life with hope. Everyone is successful or happy at different time in their life.

Moreover, it should be stated here-in that, the least fortunate person will have success at some point in time. In so many words, the lowliest among a group of people will sometimes come to the fore.

All in all, a leader in any group must be conscious of the point that people should be treated equally no matter whose ox is gored given that everyone has his or her own time to shine.

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