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Udom Emmanuel Gives Quit Notice To Akwa Ibom State Police Commissioner


The Akwa Ibom State Governor, Udom Emmanuel, has given a quit notice to the state commissioner of Police for aiding the invasion of the State house of assembly by some sacked lawmakers belonging to opposition party in the state.

The Governor said this while addressing journalists at Government House on return from the assessing the situation at the House of Assembly, calling for the redeployment of the State newly posted commissioner of Police, Musa Kimo for partisanship.

His words:

“Let the Commissioner that they just posted last weekend, let’s assume that he has finish his course, I want to call on the police and this evening the police commissioner must be withdrawn, the head of the Quick Rapid Squad must be withdrawn so that we can maintain peace.”

“I to let the whole world know that Nigerians fought and gave their lives in this country so that we may enjoy democracy that we currently have today, but in Akwa Ibom State due to the ambitions of selfish people, democracy is being threatened in Akwa Ibom State.”

He identified the mastermind of the crises to include, “people that this state has given the opportunity to become what they never dreamt they could become. People that other people have given them the opportunity to become a commissioner for 6 years and a Governor for 8 years making it 14 years.”

He lambasted the Police Commissioner who supervised the illegality in the state Assembly, Governor Emmanuel maintained that the state, has been the most peaceful state in the country, “we maintain all oil installations so that money could be gotten out of here and be sent to Abuja for the peace to be maintained.

“It is the same Police force today supervised by the Commissioner for police, who came in against the Court of law and what did the Speaker do, the speaker was maintaining law and order.

“Last night we heard about this, called the Commissioner of Police and said we’ve heard that you want to escort those sacked five members against the rule of Law and he denied, this morning, the so called “Warsaw saw war.

“Who ever is calling for this let him go there and fight we say no to the siege by the police, we hope that we will be supported by the international community, and all and sundry. He added.


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