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What is next for Kayode Fayemi and APC?


– Despite all odds against him that were deliberately set up by the incumbent governor, Ayodele Fayose to paint him in black colour to the people of Ekiti state, Dr John Kayode Fayemi emerged as the winner and governor-elect of Ekiti state during last Saturday’s election.

– What was amazing and baffling as well was the manner, governor Ayodele Fayose was bragging with utmost insincerity that Professor Olusola Eleka will win the election and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) would triumph. This will be a discussion for another day.

However, Dr Kayode Fayemi needs to hit the ground running and make it a topmost agenda that his second coming is to prove his detractors wrong. He can do better than Ayodele Fayose with his intellectual reservoir coupled with the unflinching support he will get from his people.

There are high hopes expected from Dr Kayode Fayemi because he was once a governor before he was defeated by Ayodele Fayose at the 2014 gubernatorial election. He should set the records straight this time around and let his actions speak more than his words.

Ekiti indigenes and Nigerians expect him to do his best and leave the rest. For Fayemi to prove his doubting Thomases wrong, he should ensure and extend all round leadership to his adversaries. As such, he would be looked upon as a winner with large heart. In short, he should be magnanimous in his victory.

As he rightly said in his acceptance speech that: “My first assignment as the Governor Elect is to work with the outgoing government within the constitutional provisions to see how the backlog of salaries of all category of workers could be paid.” This is the first step in the right direction.

He nailed it with this statement ascribed to him,when he said: “Ekiti people should expect the eight-point agenda redoubled. 

“They should expect the backlog of salaries cleared within the first six months of my coming to the office. 

“They should expect re-introduction of free education, including payment of fees for the West Africa Examination Council, National Examination Council, National Business and Technical Examinations Board and the national entrance examination into tertiary institutions which they lost out on.

“We will re-introduce social security scheme for the elderly in an enhanced manner. 

“They should expect the return of our youth volunteer programme. Luckily, the Federal Government has started a programme similar to what we used to have in Ekiti State, called N-Power. We will add our own initiative to that programme.

“The outgoing government is not interested in what happens to the young in our society beyond using them as thugs and forcing them to eat crumbs from the table of the master. 

“They should expect a return to decency, decorum, integrity, values in Ekiti State. 

“It is about reclaiming our land and restoring our values which we have lost in the past four years.”

Time as they say will tell. Fayemi and his cabinet do not have the luxury of time to waste on mere politicking, but to hit the ground running without further ado. His second return will be make or mar him. Fayemi now has the second opportunity to re-write his name on the sands of time rather than in a water. His name should be written on a platter of gold, and make his party All Progressives Congress (APC) proud of him, only with what he can deliver to the people of Ekiti state.

Written by Ahmed Suleiman


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